Stupid slow internet

Hey guys, sorry i haven’t been really writing posts the last few days. The internet at my house is like Snooki slow right now. We have rats in the attic and I guess they ate a couple wires. I don’t exactly know  . My brother was the one in the attic, i’m not fucking going in there with rats all over the place. I guess I could have gone to my brothers to write a post, but i didn’t really think about that til right this second. Ahh fuck, I’ll go over to my brothers later and write a couple posts. Happy now? you guys just gave me the jewish mother guilt trip. I’m going back to watch Lord of the Rings two towers, then I will write an awesome post!!!! I’m just waiting for the Riders of Rohan to show up and kick some Uruk-hai ass!  Ugh I’m a huge dork. Okay got to go now!


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